Thank you for visiting ely dennis photography.
You will see a variety of styles and composition. I hope your viewing experience is enjoyable. As it is enjoyable for me to share with you.

Photography is my passion. I see the world as a place where people can share what they see and what they feel. Through the medium of photography, the photographer can tell a story and share that story with people who view their images. The photographs can take you to places you have never been before, and perhaps may want to go to one day.

Photography has been part of my life for the past 30 years. I began with film and a very simple Kodak camera, given to me by my parents at a very early age. The fascination of taking a photograph and then converting it to a piece of film has always been an amazing process. Then making the print in a darkroom onto a piece of photographic paper to share with others.

The fascination still exists from those early days of film to todays technology in the world of digital photography. Many of my favorite photographers have been a source of inspiration from the early 20th century photographers like Eugene Atget, Ray Man, Ansel Adams and many others , too many to mention. Great contemporary  photographers that are inspirational to me today are David DuChemin, Bryan Peterson,  Michael Kenna and Elliot Erwitt.

I have since shown my work in many exhibits in the New York and New Jersey area and have been very fortunate to have won several awards for my work.

Feel free to contact me, and please enjoy the images and the stories being told.

Ely Dennis